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What is Hotel Carone?

Hotel Carone is a Deus Ex Mod/FM (FM=Fan Mission).

It consists of 6 maps; 4 of them playable, 1 End-Sequence and 1 "Main Menu background map".

The Mission is set right after Mission 3 of the original game and assumes you haven't killed Lebedev in the 747, and that's about all the information you really need to play the mod. :)

If "Hotel Carone" sounds familiar to you then it's probably because I entered an unfinished version in the PDX GOTY contest. Since it was an incomplete Mission I didn't win any of the prizes, I did get an "honorable mention" by Warren Spector though.


When I started building the hotel map I had no real idea of what I was going for. I wanted to test the single player classes of Deus Ex in the editor and got carried away "a bit" and after more than a year it's become more than just one map:

Hotel Carone has several new classes(not just the Elevator), new models, a new weapon and lots of custom textures. All this adds up to a total installation size of ~85 MB. The Setup file size is 29 MB.


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