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Setup file size is 29 MB. Installation size is ~85 MB. Be sure to have at least 200 MB free space on the drive you install the mod. Savegames are huge.

The mod will be installed in its own folder and doesn't alter the original game files at all. The setup program creates a shortcut which will launch the mod.

IMPORTANT: check the help page first if you have trouble installing or running Hotel Carone.
Come to #dxediting on if you need help of any sort.

Download v1.14 (fileplanet)
Download v1.14 (from
Download v1.14

ZIP-format (for Mac's or for manual installation if you're having  problems with the installer)

If you already have version 1.0 or greater and don't want to download 29 MB again, there are two patches available, one with serious conversations and one with less serious conversations. ;)

Patch v1.14 (serious conversations)

Patch v1.14 (fun conversations)